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INFINITY magic_scarf

INFINITY magic_scarf

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Silk Scarf "INFINITY" - it is a solar symbol, a symbol of the infinity of being, the rotation of the eternal wheel, the interaction of everything that exists in the universe.

You can wear it for style or express your position, immerse yourself in Ukrainian culture, meditate, wear it as a talisman, or gift it to someone dear.

In the new limited collection of silk scarves "Dreamtime_Tripillya," the symbols of our ancestors and the blue and yellow colors of the Ukrainian flag are used.

The multi-dimensional sacred significance and profound philosophy of knowledge and wisdom of our ancestors are reflected in their symbolism, primarily in ceramic ornaments.

The consciousness of the Tripolye people was so superior to the consciousness of modern people that it was defined by individual awareness of the collective unconscious and determined existence.

This wonderful period of ethnology is called Dreamtime, the Time of Dreams, or the "Myth-Magical Time." This collection is for new, conscious individuals.

The prints on the scarves feature the symbol "Kolovorot," the oldest civilization that existed 7,200 to 2,700 years ago in the territory of Ukraine, even before the Sumerian or Egyptian civilizations, as well as the principle of fractality.

Our ancestors already possessed all cosmic knowledge and earthly wisdom back then. We just need to return to them and remember.

These knowledge were reflected in their symbols, which were painted on the walls of their homes and temples, on figurines, and ceramics. Women, priestesses, representatives of the Great Goddess and the guardian of the hearth, exclusively engaged in ceramics in Tripolye, and they were the main priestesses.

People felt an inseparable connection between themselves, the gods, the cosmos, and nature. Hence the sacred meanings embedded in forms and drawings.

Everything that was grown and produced was used collectively, taking from nature only what was necessary for life, without accumulation and excess, in complete trust, prosperity, and without wars!

Scarves from the "Dreamtime_Tripillya" collection are amulets and talismans, precious gifts, and keys to understanding the Worldbuilding, symbols of the New Time and Transition.

Made from 100% natural twill silk, with hand finishing.

Made to order.


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