A fascinating time. Space is changing rapidly. Time has accelerated. Much that is unnecessary is being shed... Each of us is one-on-one with God and the Universe. It's time to create our own Magic!

In this new era, there's a new consciousness. Our ancestors knew and believed that they were united with nature and the cosmos, communicating and interacting with trees, flowers, animals, and the elements. Humanity is now recalling these knowledge and understanding them in a new stage of its development.

Our new amulet-clothing possesses real magical power, capable of endowing and enhancing the necessary qualities of a person. For those who are ready!


    Dragons are Supreme Magicians, Alchemists of Light and Fire, the oldest and highest vibrations of World's inception, transforming everything into their own light-fire potential!


    For millennia, the Spirit of the Jaguar has aided in shamanic rituals, accompanying individuals on journeys through the astral realm and protecting against dark forces.

  • WOLF

    The wolf is a totemic animal of the tribes from which the Ukrainian people originated. A guardian and devourer of evil spirits, a symbol of purity, it grants the energy of spiritual radiance.

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