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  • 1. Dream

    Do you have any interesting ideas? A favourite design or photo that you dream of carrying with you? You can share your idea with us.

  • 2. Collaborate

    We collaborate to choose the product, create sketches for your approval, and then proceed with the standard ordering process.

  • 3. Enjoy

    You can now proudly pose with your friends in your exclusive garment, sharing the story of how you created this masterpiece!

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About Y E V A

An Inclusive Sustainable Brand 

Y E V A - is the courage to be bright and live life to the fullest, recognizing oneself and one's connection to everything that exists. It's the freedom of choice and feelings, it's beauty inside and out. It's the energy that we fill our hearts with, invest in our creations, and give to you so that you can continue to carry and multiply it in the world.

Our goal is to adorn the world and help people elevate their vibrations. We aim to create not just beautiful, high-quality, and incredibly comfortable clothing. What's important to us is to craft garments filled with meaning and energies, charged with joy and happiness!

We innovate where it seemed like everything had already been invented, we bring our ideas to life long before they become trends, we infuse the process of creation and the products themselves with spirituality. We draw inspiration from the wisdom and masterpieces of visual arts accumulated by humanity, we embrace cosmic energy flows, all to deliver this to you!

Y E V A products are created in limited quantities, often as one-of-a-kind pieces. The brand's special approach to its customers allows them to "recreate" their favorite dress or order a companion piece, creating a capsule collection.

Since 2020, the kimono has been the headliner of the brand, a universal, inclusive form with history, plus vivid meaning. We preserve the essence of kimono philosophy – love, beauty, and etiquette – as a sincere and respectful approach to life, admiring and being grateful to nature and everything that exists, recognizing the divine and creative energy that fills everything around us.

All our kimonos with our original prints, made from various materials including silk, and our insulated ones, are versatile transformers.

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