About us

"Joy makes us stronger."


"We all want to live happily! And everyone has the opportunity to do so. A person creates their own reality through their thoughts, intentions, and actions. Every moment, we send our signal, our unique vibrational signature, into space, and we receive back a signal with the same quality and direction that we ourselves generated.

In life, everything is important, from how we wake up to what we eat, how we communicate, and what we wear. A person truly becomes a human being only in joy.

I create clothing and accessories, embodying prints for fabric in a high-vibrational flow. The entire process of creating a product - from idea to realization - all stages of creativity and production are united by one creative goal: to give the world unique clothing for unique individuals.

Each encounter between a person and their garment is a great burst of joy that further charges the product. And every time we wear this item, we tune ourselves to all the positive emotions and high vibrations with which it is already infused, transmitting all of this back to the world surrounding us, receiving it back..."

Olga Marinenko, Ukrainian designer and owner of the brand Y E V A

An Inclusive Sustainable Brand 

Y E V A – is the courage to be bright and live life to the fullest, recognizing oneself and one's connection to everything that exists. It's the freedom of choice and feelings, it's beauty inside and out. It's the energy that fills our hearts, goes into our creations, and is given to you so that you can continue to carry it and multiply it in the world.

Our goal is to adorn the world and help people raise their vibrations. We strive to create not just beautiful, high-quality, and incredibly comfortable clothing. For us, it's important to create clothing filled with meaning and energy, charged with joy and happiness!

We introduce innovations where it seemed that everything had already been invented, bringing our ideas to life long before they become trends, infusing the creative process and the products themselves with spirituality. We draw inspiration from the wisdom and masterpieces of visual art accumulated by humanity, and we embrace the flows of cosmic energy to convey them to you!

The brand prefers to create clothing that is timeless and beyond fashion - special items that help reveal the potential of each person and are imbued with the philosophy of joy. Such items will always be relevant and have a long service life; they engage in a dialogue with people, eagerly awaiting their encounters...

Y E V A products are created in limited quantities, often in a single copy. The brand's special approach to its customers allows them to "recreate" their favorite item or print, order a companion piece, create a capsule collection, participate in the creative process, and receive an impulse for personal growth.

The challenges faced by our country and all of humanity today have inspired us to imbue the images of our prints with spiritual meanings, to gather and support a community of people on a journey of spiritual growth.

By creating unique items and raising the level of vibrations on the planet, we believe that humanity will reject mass unconscious consumption, reflect on the value and uniqueness of each of us, and respect boundaries, the value of our planet, and all living things on it, and will live in peace, joy, and creativity!

The brand began its work in 2019, releasing limited collections of products made from natural silk, bags, and clothing covers with their own original prints. Since 2020, the brand's flagship product has become the kimono - a universal form for everyone, with a rich history, vibrant content, and meaning.

We preserve the essence of the kimono philosophy - love, beauty, and etiquette - as a sincere and respectful attitude towards life, admiration, and gratitude for nature and all that exists, recognition of the divine and creative energy that fills everything around us.

All our kimonos with original author prints are made from various materials, primarily silk. Insulated kimonos are versatile transformers, with more than 30 ways to wear them.

We like positive transformations! Internal, planetary, and of course, in clothing. All the outerwear of the brand can be transformed and has various ways of wearing. It is from the desire to be in transformational processes, to create multifunctional items, that the collection of transformable scarves of various sizes was born, which can be turned into dresses, tops, and more.

Our new print collections, "Dream Time_Trypilllya" and "TOTEMS," are charged with spiritual meanings to support humanity during its transformative period, and we plan to continue being in this flow!