Young Yeva print

As soon as my daughter Eva learned to hold a brush-pencil-pen in her hands, she started to fill the entire sheet of paper with wide and sweeping, beautiful compositions!

At first, it was just black ink! But there was so much meaning and emotion in those black and white drawings!.. I intentionally didn't want to teach her how to draw, I was curious to see where it would all lead.

Over time, color was added, faces of people, the human figure. Soon it became clear that it was precisely this that inspired her to sit in her room for hours and draw!

Now she doesn't like it when I mention that I use her drawings in some of my designs. She says they are old and not good enough. But isn't it in these imperfections and honesty that our love for children's drawings resides?

In their imperfection and sincerity!

For the first time, I used her anime-style drawings to create a reversible coat, with large vibrant prints, specially designed for her. It caught so much attention that people and cars on the streets stopped!)

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