Madars Selegovskis (Dende)

Musician, capoeira instructor

I am Dendê and I’ve been divinely guided throughout my whole life. My first big spiritual awakening happened in early 2018, that’s when I started to dig deeper into my subconscious mind through the practice of journalling. At first it was very chaotic, inconsistent, repetitive and even painful at some point. But in time I became more brave & honest with myself - then everything clicked! I was no longer a victim to my thoughts, instead I started creating my own reality consciously.

I have been a devoted student of spirituality ever since, noticing life’s Truths everyday as I move with grace. My favorite practices are breathwork, music and meditation and I do them daily. They keep me positive & aligned with my spirit, whilst also clearing the energy channels for more insights to manifest. 

My biggest passion of them all is to be in service to our loving community and I do that by teaching Capoeira, organising wholesome events and healing through breathwork. If you’re interested to learn more - check out my content on Instagram & YouTube.


(Instagram: @armorbydende)


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