Svetlana Stepanenko

Managing partner of BetterSvit

Happiness is not something that lasts for one or 20 minutes. It is a feeling from within, a constant state. Happiness, for me, has changed its meaning and approach over time. Thank God I understood this, at least by the age of 40. ) Now I feel happy when I can experience harmony or live in balance.

All our misfortunes happen because we either don't do something at all or do too much. Here, let me share my favorite joke to better convey my idea of happiness. A young doctor calls an older doctor for advice. He says, "I have a patient who is depressed and has various health issues, but the diagnosis is unclear. What should I do?" The old doctor asks, "Does he play tennis?" The young doctor replies, "No, he doesn't." The old doctor responds, "Well, then let him start playing tennis."

Live life now, forever, all at once, harmonizing all spheres. )

My concept of happiness is to create harmony in life. Draw a circle and divide it into sectors, representing all the important spheres of your life that contribute to overall happiness. Life is not complete without them. Then, live each portion of this circle, combining the puzzle pieces - these sector pieces - with your life. That's what matters.

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