Anna Vasylkova Gerber

Energy coach (Swiss)

Energetic Power Healing – Kundalini Transmission

"Brightness for Yourself"

What is magic? It's when space unfolds just the way you need it. When the plane takes off and lands on time. When an invalid ticket becomes valid. When gifts from the Universe come unexpectedly. When everyone else can't, but you can. When you wake up in the morning and quietly say to yourself, "How wonderful!"

To live your Life and be Grateful for the moment of God!

Waking up in the morning and drinking a couple of glasses of water is how I start my day. Then yoga and breathing practices, not a large volume, but it's a must. It's what helps balance my day and makes me feel harmonious, setting the tone for the entire day.

And of course, conscious healthy eating and meditation. I've developed my own meditation, testing it for myself, and I'll share it when I'm ready!

(Instagram: @anna_v_gerber)

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