Anna Simkuna (YumiKo Aya)

Vegan diet specialist, Sound healing, 


My morning rituals and fruits make my day successful and also help me experience reality in more colorful hues – like 5D instead of the usual 3D. I feel alive, functioning at a high potential level in the present moment.

My morning rituals consist of 5 practices that anyone else can start implementing. Sometimes this whole process takes me 3 hours, sometimes 40 minutes, and there are days when I skip, but I try to maintain as much consistency as possible.

  1. Running in nature (connects with the earth, sharpens vision, ideal cardio)
  2. Cold shower (improves skin condition, adds motivation, boosts immunity)
  3. Stretching or Yoga 🧘‍♀️ (body flexibility, releasing blocks and tensions, reuniting with the gentleness of movement)
  4. Breathing practice (natural "high," preparation for meditation)
  5. Meditation 🧘‍♀️

I try to eat as many fruits as possible – they are my main source of energy. When I can't manage to eat fruits during the day, I feel weak and tired.

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