With great love and gratitude to my Latvian friends!

Today, this is the most extensive collaboration I have undertaken for my Y E V A brand, with my new Latvian friends. I don't even know where to start, from how all our lives changed, especially mine, after the start of the full-scale war in Ukraine. Following my child, I came to Riga, Latvia, reevaluating my place in the material world, and trying to reconcile my inner spiritual work with my creativity. That's when I met a vibrant creative girl with a mathematical mind (Mishel Shekhurina) on Instagram. After our first meeting, my brand was already participating in shooting a video for her brand. Then, I met Anna and Madars at the presentation of this very video, new people for a new time. Everything was easy!

As soon as I learned that Anna is a sound healer and heard her singing, I immediately said, "Let's make a music video!" At that time, I was already sketching totemic animals for my new kimono collection. The space was connecting all the puzzle pieces and weaving new patterns! Yes, that's it! Clothing for conscious individuals, energized not only to be beautiful and comfortable but also to carry meaning that transforms you from the inside out! Such a special and responsible time calls for a new perspective on everything. There's nothing more beautiful than singing in a high-vibration flow. Thus, the idea of a photo-video shoot was born. I hadn't yet figured out how to make it happen...

Meanwhile, we decided to make use of the April sunshine and the presence of several silk kimonos at my place in Riga. We quickly and easily organized our first shoot in Jurmala. Another beautiful soul joined us, and we spent that sunny cool day in the company of Yumi Ko Aii, Denda, and photographer Sintija. The result was absolutely wonderful photos about relationships, featuring two people, the sun, the wind, the sea, the sky, the sunset... and kimonos.

It inspired us so much that I suggested, "What if we organize such a creative coworking space where anyone who wants to can participate? To create and be in the flow, to enhance each other's qualities and energy. To be in synergy!" I must give credit; it's easy and fast to arrange collaborations with Latvians. The intention was set, new people came, some left, new ones appeared. Our team now includes experienced professionals (Andrey, Sabina, Zane) and talented students (Kris, Janis). On the day of the shoot, there were 12 of us! Three models, three photographers, two videographers, a cinematographer, two stylists, and me.

Despite the fact that Katarina and Janis and I couldn't speak the same language, we all understood each other well. Our shoot lasted from 13:00 to 21:00, plus preparation and bathing naked in the cold sunset sea (but only for those who had been walking and dancing barefoot in the forest all day). We started in the forest, in a nest where a new, different person was literally being born, and ended the shoot from the air, going into the sea and the sunset... It was beautiful. We dispersed when it was already dark. In the forest, only our "models" remained, having dinner by candlelight... It was symbolic. I hope these photos convey our story and atmosphere better than I have told it. We still need to work on the video, and I hope it turns out even more magical than I imagine!


Our models:

Anna Simkuna
Madars Selegovskis
Oleg Velikanov

Our photographers:

Sintija Sproge
Santa Rubine-Fogele
Krisjanis Liepins

Our videographers:

Andre Lieske
Janis Kuma

Our cinematographer:

Sabine Strauberga

Our stylists:

Zane Melnace
Katarina Evelina Kana

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