Have you noticed that the closer you get to the equator, where there is more sunlight, the more colors you see in nature and in the clothing of people who live there or visit? And conversely, the closer you get to the north, where there is less sunlight, the more predominant are gray and gloomy tones. In other words, the sun not only generates light, life, and joy, but also color! Therefore, color is the equivalent of life, light, and joy!

The influence of color on humans, their consciousness, subconsciousness, and behavior, is one of the most ambiguous and unproven questions. There are many studies on this topic, and there is a multitude of materials that contradict each other...

It is possible, of course, to accept as an axiom that:

Red - stimulates and increases blood pressure.

Green and blue - have a calming effect.

Yellow - activates intelligence, and so on...

But, observing and studying one's own life, I can confidently say that just as no two individuals are the same, there are no two identical reactions, emotions, or thoughts, including those related to specific colors and images. Each of us has our own unique DNA, and each builds their own unique synaptic connections. The more culturally and spiritually enriched a person is, the higher their level of consciousness, and the more likely their reactions and attitudes towards different colors will differ from the "commonly accepted" ones.

It is similar to mass culture and art – a conscious individual cannot be influenced by mass culture. And when perceiving art, everyone interprets it in their own way.

Looking into the future and tracking the processes of transformation of humanity and the incredible speeds at which they are currently occurring, I believe that mass culture, just like mass-market in fashion, will completely fade away, and fashion will undergo significant changes. Brands that produce clothing charged with meaning and energy will come to the fore.

Speaking about the influence of color, one thing is certain – color has an impact on humans, or rather, our perception of color has an impact on us. Our so-called "color vision" is also individual for each person. Non-perception of certain colors or negative attitudes towards them are blocks within our psyche. As we work through and remove these blocks, acceptance and understanding of all spectrums of light emerge. The higher the level of consciousness of a person, the higher their vibrations, and the more colors they perceive and incorporate into their life.

On the other hand, the more colors a person uses in their life, the more diverse and rich it becomes!

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